Delivery Service Partnership with Quickiez Platform

Thanks for been interest!!!!! We are ecstatic that you would like to join the Quickiez community and partner with us!

Please sign up at Quickiezdeliveries.com/partner and an Account Executive will reach out to you within 72 hours.

How long is the onboarding process?

Quickiez Merchant Partner onboarding process begins within 2 business day of signing your agreement.

Please note that it takes approximately 2–3 business days to update your listing once we receive all of your information (you will have the ability to make edits). Part of the onboarding process will require you setting up your Partner Dashboard, including payment information.


We will set up your store within 10 business days of signing your partnership agreement, and you'll receive an email notification once it’s complete. Once your Quickiez Order tablet arrives, login with your credentials. Tablets are estimated to arrive within 15 business days of signing your agreement.

Quickiez Partnership FAQ

What is Quickiez Partnership?

Quickiez Partnership is a great opportunity to expand your business and potential increase sells. When you sign up to partner with Quickiez, you become a prominent Merchant on the platform. You also have increased visibility on our app and website. The tablet helps to keep track of orders, order history, and payments. You also gain the help of our awesome Merchant Support team. If you're interested in participating in Quickiez Partnership program, create an account with us at Quickiezdeliveries.com/partner and an Account Executive should reach out to you within 72 hours.

Do I pay a delivery fee per order?

No, delivery fees are paid by customers. Merchants usually pay a percentage of each order as a fee or a flat fee to Quickiez for our technology, marketing, and logistics services, but do not pay a fee for the delivery of items. This percentage is often referred to as “commission”. For “delivery-as-a-service orders” placed on your own website and pushed to our platform for delivery, you will be charged a delivery fee instead of commission.

How did my store get on Quickiez?

We deliver inventory to customers from any store offering items that can be carried away by normal customers in the markets we operate in, including food, medicine, and groceries. We work with merchants to ensure their brand and inventory is represented and maintain.

Who interacts with customers?

Quickiez provides customer support for certain issues so you don’t have to. Customers place and track orders via the Quickiez app and receive ongoing support via Quickiezdeliveries.com. Any issues with item returns or recalls will be directed to you, as well as any complaints regarding illnesses and injuries (if caused by your products). You may request reimbursement for certain issues within 7 days. Quickiez will deduct the cost of refunds or credits issued to customers due to your errors from your payments.

How will I receive orders?

You’ll receive orders via your tablet, unless another approved method of receiving orders has been arranged with Quickiez. You'll also have access to your order history via the Partner Dashboard, a customized database that helps you manage orders and data, including payments.

Who is liable for damaged or incorrect orders?

Quickiez is not responsible for orders that are damaged or incorrect due to merchant error, and may charge you for the cost of refunds to customers in those situations. Where customer refunds are due to errors by the courier or certain technological failures, Quickiez will normally bear those costs.

Does partnering with Quickiez require me to set up direct deposit?

Yes, all Quickiez Partners on our standard terms are required to receive payments via direct deposit. If you have not connected a bank account in your Quickiez Dashboard, and need assistance contact Quickiez and rep will help with the setup process. Quickiez will hold customer payments for you until you connect a bank account. Your weekly deposits include the customer payments for items purchased on Quickiez, minus Quickiez’ fees and expenses (e.g. certain customer refunds, sales taxes, or payment processing costs).

How do I receive payment for orders?

As a Quickiez Partner, you'll receive weekly direct deposits into your bank account every Tuesday morning. Quickiez Partners selling alcohol and similar restricted items may receive payments directly from customers into a Stripe Connect account that Quickiez establishes on your behalf. Deposits form this Stripe Connect account will be made to your nominated bank account on a weekly basis as well.

When will my Quickiez Order tablet arrive?

Your Quickiez Order Tablet should arrive via USPS within 15 business days of signing your partnership agreement. Commission charges will not activate until you sign in to your tablet. In the meantime, we will send orders via phone so that you don’t miss out on orders while you wait for the tablet. These orders will not be charged a commission until you log in to your tablet. If it has been more than 15 business days and you have not received your tablet please send us a request.

Are there any upfront costs?

There is no upfront fee. Fees will be deducted from sales made through the Quickiez platform.

Is the agreement exclusive?

No, the agreement is not exclusive.

How long is the term in the agreement?

Each merchant will have 30 day trial period after this time has exhausted, the merchant will have the option to set there agreement to three months, 6 months, or 12 months.